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At FBCW, we believe that small groups are an essential step along the discipleship pathway. Small group involvement is one of the most effective ways to grow and Deepen as a follower of Christ. We offer both ongoing and short-term Bible Study groups.

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Men’s Ministry (M2) trains, outfits, and mobilizes men to disciple others. Thus men of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences bond together to feed the homeless, repair homes, study the Bible, share breakfast, and draw others alongside them in being godly husbands, fathers, and servants.

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The Women of Woodbridge (WoW) connect and encourage women to serve the community and one another. Through Bible study, affinity groups, and special events, women are challenged and equipped to step up to live extraordinary lives in Christ.

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The military ministry serves those who serve our country. Through prayer, outreach, small group engagements, service projects, mentoring and counseling education, the military ministry capitalizes on FBCW’s resources to care for the military congregation and community.

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Whether one is single, widowed, or divorced he/she can connect with others. Young singles participate in regular Bible study and fellowship. Singles age 40 and up (SWorD) are also involved in Bible study and fellowship but add physical fitness and missions support components.

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The senior adult ministry, also known as Joy Fellowship, is vibrant and active. Senior adults regularly resource the homeless in our community, go on excursions, and meet twice monthly to share meals together.