Beware of Low Branches

Beware of low branches—especially if you are walking too closely behind someone on a forest trail! That is a lesson I quickly learned as a youngster. If you are not sure what I’m talking about, come hit the trail with me! Here is an even better lesson I learned on the trail long ago…

On many occasions, I would walk directly behind my father as we hiked and hunted. With regularity, he would turn around to make sure I was okay and keeping pace with him. As I result, I trusted him and felt safe and loved.

Since Dad was so much taller than me, I could not see the path in front of him. So, I amused myself by doing my best to literally walk in his footsteps. Then one day on another hike it dawned on me, I want to do more than follow in his footsteps—I want to be just like my father! I want to be like him, talk like him, and do just like him in everything he does.

How much more should this be the case in my relationship with Jesus?! As I follow him on the life path He has laid out for me, I want to do more than follow. I want to become more and more like Him in every way. And He wants the same for me—for all of us who are His disciples.

The 4D Discipleship Pathway is a simple tool to help us become more like Jesus. As you and I continue to discover new life in Christ, deepen our relationship with Him, do for Him, and disciple those around us, we position ourselves to be daily renewed and transformed by the One who loves us most and willingly gave His life for us. Jesus is worth following. Jesus is worth obeying. Jesus is worth imitating.

Together, let’s go on this journey of becoming more like Jesus. Find your next steps on the 4D Pathway at

- Erik Wilkins

Next Steps Pastor