Afghan Refugee Ministry

Watch the quick video and read the post below.

Our church family has an incredible, timely opportunity to share the love of Jesus with Afghan refugees who are coming right to our town -- some of whom we already know. The missions and military ministries are co-leading this effort and seeking to have a team ready for when needs arise, with the understanding that the situation is fluid. And we can use many spiritual gifts! Here are three stages where we can make a difference along with points of contact for each. First Stage: Helping People Flee Afghanistan. This is the area where we have the least control, but we have recommendations for monetary donations to support this effort. For those who have served in Afghanistan, and still have contact with Afghans you worked with there, we can share links and informational resources on how you can support their visa applications.

Also, for any military families or veterans disheartened by the situation, your military ministry is here for you. Contact: Dru and Kellie Dunlap ( Second Stage: Relocating and Settling Afghan Families Coming to Woodbridge. Providing rides, moving items, finding local housing, procuring and delivering household items and basic needs, making new homes welcoming with meals and decorations. Trucks and storage are helpful, along with strong arms and smiling faces. Loving, Supporting, and Ministering to Afghan Families in Dale City. - Volunteer Opportunities: Befriending, encouraging, praying, guiding, English instruction, and sharing lasting hope with families. - Donating Items: We will begin collecting commonly needed items for our Afghan neighbors this Sunday in the church lobby. Monetary Donations: Generous donations toward this project could help us go so much further. It costs about $4-5K to settle a family of 4-6 into housing. We'll also want plenty of funds for our Afghan friends for medical needs, groceries, and more.

If you would like to give, visit then under "funds" select the "Afghan Refugee Ministry" from the drop down.

Most importantly, please join us in fervent prayer for the Afghan and American people as the Aug. 31 withdrawal date nears. Pray God would work miracles, pour out His Spirit among all affected with eternal impacts, and use our congregation mightily.

For general questions, and to be added to the Afghan outreach email distribution please contact Lauren Craft, lead facilitator (