12 Days Until ... We Find Out


We have 12 days until we begin our soft relaunch of Sunday AM ministry after a year-long pause due to COVID. I have heard from so many who are excited to re-engage their families and kids in Sunday morning ministry.

The truth is we really have 12 days until we find out what kind of church we are going to be at FBCW moving forward.

  • 12 days to discover if we are moving forward or stalling out.

  • 12 days to discover if we are going to continue to be committed to families in intentional ministry on Sunday AM.

  • 12 days to discover if we are a church of servants or a church of attendees.

  • 12 days to discover if we are going to launch ahead in faith to re-engage our community with ministries that matter.

  • 12 days to discover if we will respond with just our mouths or our hands and feet.

Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest." (Luke 10:2) We are praying, praying, praying, trusting, trusting, trusting, believing, believing, believing, that God will send the workers. We have work to do, the job is not done! Let's go FBCW!

Before COVID we needed 325 volunteers to sustain weekly Sunday AM ministry. We are only asking for a quarter of that for this re-launch. We need enough volunteers to SUSTAIN this important ministry in the weeks and months ahead. It is no good to only have enough to make this happen for one Sunday, or only enough that we expect a small few to carry the burden every week. We need volunteers to allow us to have a healthy rotation for sustainability.

If you are a member of FBCW and you haven't been serving ... YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN

If you are a member of FBCW and you haven't signed up to help ... YOU SHOULD.

God has called you to His local church here at FBCW not just to sit, but to serve and use the gifts that He has given you to build up the body of believers. What are you waiting for?

PLEASE VISIT www.visitfbcw.org/volunteer today and sign up to volunteer. Do not wait!

We will contact you promptly and help you know your next step.

I can't wait to serve alongside you soon! See you on the 20th!

- Pastor Brad Kirby