Have Children or Students?

Where to Park

  • Birth through 6th Grade: Our Sunday morning Children’s Ministry activities take place on the lower level of the church. It will be most convenient for you to park behind the church. Please follow the entrance road to the left when you enter the campus rather than turning right into the upper-level visitor parking area.


  • 7th through 12th Grade: Our Sunday morning Student Ministry activities take place in the lower level of the church. It will be most convenient for you to park in the lower level visitors parking area toward the back of the church.

CM Parking.png

Safety and Security

Your child’s and student’s safety and security is our top priority.

Check In: We use an automated system called Check Point to check-in all children.  The process varies according to the age of the child.

Children’s Ministry

  • All first time visitors must check in through the Children’s Ministry Welcome Center on the lower level. Once they are in our database, children may be checked-in at their designated area.

    • Nursery to 4th Grade: Check Point prints a name tag and a corresponding security badge for each child. All children in the Children’s Ministry must wear this name tag while they are attending Sunday School. Parents or an adult must present the corresponding security badge to pick up a child. Parents of Nursery children also receive a pager in case any issues should arise that require their attention.

    • 5th and 6th Grade: Parents may give permission to 5th and 6th graders to check in and out on their own after filling out a form in their classroom. If parents do not give this permission, the security badge process described above applies.


Student Ministry

  • First time visitor parents and students or students themselves check in at the Fellowship Hall by filling out a visitor card. Check Point does not print a badge/security badge for students.

  • Students check in and are excused from class themselves.


Two-person rule: We have a very strict policy that expressly prohibits any non-related adult (ages 18 and older) to be alone anywhere on the church property with a minor child or student.  There are no exceptions to this policy.

Volunteers: Our volunteers go through a multi-step process before they are allowed to lead a classroom.  Interviews, a background check, observation in a classroom environment and training in our policies and procedures are all required as part of this process.  We do allow exceptional student leaders ages 12 to 17 to serve in our Nursery and Pre-School and in our Grade School large room/small group situations.  They are supervised by multiple adults in these circumstances. 

Security:  Members of the FBCW Security Team are present throughout the church with an emphasis on the Children’s Ministry area.