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Introducing our Go & Tell Pastor Candidate: David Rhymes


We are really excited to share with you our Go & Tell Pastor candidate. David and His family will be visiting FBCW the weekend of May 22nd. That Sunday, David will be presented to the congregation in all three worship services for a vote to come as our Go & Tell Pastor. Please take a moment to read his bio below:

"As a wise hobbit once said, “It’s a dangerous business…going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” From the moment we stepped onto the road of our calling to go and tell the good news of Jesus to the nations, our feet have been swept off to many a place. The adventure that God has set us on has been exciting, trying, difficult, and rewarding. Now the road leads to Woodbridge, VA and the work that Christ is doing through First Baptist. But where did the road begin?


I was blessed to be born into a loving Christian family who made go and tell a priority. In fact, I went (or perhaps was brought) on my first mission trip when I was six months old. Some of my earliest memories are of having missionaries in the home, picking them up from the airport, praying for them on their birthdays, and discovering the world and the work of Christ through their stories. I became a Christian at the age of seven and began to sense God’s call to serve Him when I was thirteen. Little did I know what all was in store when the Spirit began to nudge me out the door. 


In college, I met a girl who loved the Lord and shared a similar call to go and tell the nations. Jaime and I married the summer after I graduated and we began our journey down the road together and, boy, have we been places. We started at a small community ministry in Pineville, Louisiana before transitioning to the shock of city life in New Orleans as we attended seminary and grad school and began our time serving with the North American Mission Board. 


Eventually, God opened the door for us to serve with the International Mission Board, a process we began as a couple but finished as a family of four when our twin daughters, Molly and Emma, were born. For seven years, the road led through one of the major urban centers in West Africa as we learned to raise children, do life and make disciples in another language, culture, and religious context. Then, seemingly without warning, the road brought us back to the States to serve a church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. While unexpected, we knew it wasn’t unknown or unintended by God. 


For every step along the road and every point on the journey, we have had a front-row seat to the unwavering faithfulness of Christ. We have seen Him work to transform lives, including our own, on many occasions. We have experienced His good grace and providence and felt the peace and security of His pierced hand through many trials. Now, our road intersects with yours and we are truly excited and praise His name! The opportunity for our family to join yours in this great go and tell adventure is one that fills our hearts with joy and eager anticipation. Yes, it is a dangerous business going out your door, but God’s kingdom work is the best business there is. Let’s get swept down the road together and go and tell our neighbors and the nations the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ!"

The “Go and Tell” Pastor is responsible for the championing, leading, directing and developing of mission’s ministry at FBCW including evangelism, outreach, local, national, and global missions. These primary responsibilities will directly connect FBCW’s mission to be a great commission church that is passionate about making disciples of Jesus that make other disciples of Jesus, with intentional missional strategies in alignment with FBCW’s vision to “Go and Tell”. (Matthew 28:16-20, Acts 1:8)

Latest Update


After many weeks and months of reviewing resumes and potential candidates for the "Go and Tell" Pastor position at FBCW, the search committee has narrowed in on two uniquely qualified candidates. Each candidate has completed detailed questionnaires and completed thorough interviews with the committee. One of the two have completed a further 1 on 1 interview with Pastor Brad and will make plans for an upcoming trip to FBCW in the coming weeks. This visit will allow our prospective candidate to explore our church and the Woodbridge area. During this visit, further interviewing and vetting will occur with committee, Council, and Elders.

These are exciting steps for our church and "Go and Tell" ministry at FBCW. We ask that you continue to pray for God's clear direction as we move ahead with these next steps.


  • Please be praying for our search committee as they thoughtfully review resumes and discern which candidates to move forward with in the process.

  • Please pray for the team as they make initial contact with these candidates regarding next steps.

  • Pray for the candidates as they complete a subsequent questionnaire.

  • Please pray for all involved as follow-up conversations and interviews are planned and conducted.

  • Pray even now for our future Go and Tell Pastor, his family, and the impending transition to FBCW.

  • Pray that God would continually convict our church to be a more Great Commission (Go and Tell) church and prepare us to be respond to the leadership of this new minister.

Erik Wilkins - Co-chair (Next Steps Pastor)

Ed Windhausen - Co-chair

Mike Taylor - Elder

Lauren Craft

Kamyar Pashneh-Tala

Stef Kurtz

Search Team Members

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