Home Group Connection

Game Changers: Home Groups

We believe life change happens in community.  God made us for relationships and Jesus established the church, a community that journeys toward eternity with Him.  We need life change.  Born into a sinful world, we quickly identify ourselves as rebels against God’s sovereignty and disobey His guidance and fall far short of any semblance of His holiness.  Fortunately, God doesn’t leave us here.  In Jesus, He takes our sin and invites us into life that is His to give to all who trust in Him. 

That new life is different.  The Bible talks of this using terms like being “born again” and a process of “transformation”.  Putting us into a community of believers so that we might be instructed and encouraged, this new life grows on us (and in us).  Being in relationships with other believers teaches us this life.

We believe this life change happens in the community of small groups.  Over the years, we’ve had dozens of small home groups meeting to share life together.  Over the course of 18-22 months, friendships are developed and faith is deepened.  This Sunday, August 28, immediately following the 11AM service, you can explore what this is about through our Home Group Connection Event.  A light lunch will be provided and several options will be available. Register online at www.fbcwministryconnect.org under the home group tab.

I strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider connecting to a home group.  From experience, I can testify to the benefits of a weekly fellowship and the blessings of deepening friendships found in a home group.  This is a great opportunity for finding that truth that “life change happens in community”.

In His Grace,

Pastor Ray