Divine Appointments

I arrived 15 minutes early and was walking through the parking lot when I noticed another lady just ahead of me. She looked like she was going to the same luncheon I was so I picked up my pace slightly to catch up with her. We both said our polite hellos and then she took a second look at me and said, “Aren’t you the chaplain’s wife?” She caught me a bit off guard but I replied with a “yes” and then was quite surprised at her next words.

She became rather excited as she began explaining that she had specifically prayed she would run into me that day. Specifically, me!

Being in the middle of editing a Bible study she has written for military wives, she thought of me and wanted to talk with me about connecting with other wives.

We chatted until we got into the building and then decided we should sit together for the luncheon so we could continue our conversation.

Several years ago, I was on my way out the door with my keys in hand, when the phone rang. Only because we were moving, and selling some things on craigslist, did I stop to answer it. 45 minutes later, I hung up the phone, having just listened to a hurting young lady whose family was going through a very difficult church split. Realizing she needed a “friend” to listen at that moment, I went back in and put down the keys. As I spoke comforting words and prayed for her, I knew this was certainly a Divine Appointment that trumped my workout class that day. The most amazing fact was that I’d never met her. She lived in another town and was calling to inquire about the bookcase I was selling on craigslist!

Every morning I pray for Divine Appointments. Many times I’m ready for them. However, sometimes they come at inopportune times and my initial response is that I don’t have time to be interrupted at that moment.

I was at a conference this past weekend and we talked about the strategy in planning our calendars. I’m all about calendars; I like to have one (especially a cute one) and I like to know what my day/week looks like.

But I don’t want to be ruled by my calendar. My prayer is that every day, people would take priority over programs on my to-do list. That when God brings an unexpected appointment in my day, I would not be irritated, rather I would be grateful that He’s chosen me to be a vessel of light and hope and encouragement to someone else in need.
Remembering that I’ve prayed for the Lord to oversee my day, I want to live with margin and hold my plans loosely, knowing that His ways are, indeed, the best ways.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps. Proverbs 16.9

In His grace,

Michele Husfelt

Guest Blogger