Change Happens!

That’s one of those great life truths.  Often unavoidable and unpredictable, change happens.  We launched a season of change last week with the announcement of a search for my successor as Senior Pastor of this church.   We know God is sovereign over all things and He has a purpose for “everything under heaven”, and He, therefore, has a purpose in every change.  We are committed to praying, seeking God’s direction and desire for us as His church in this time.

Our immediate goal is to establish a profile of what we are looking for in the next Senior Pastor. Over the next few weeks, we are looking for your participation in this process.  A survey has been developed that will help us determine some of the expectations we might have for this new pastor.   There will be an online version of this survey that can be found and filled out through our website.  On October 23, we will set aside a few minutes in the morning Worship services to give you an opportunity to respond to this survey via “hardcopy”.  The deadline for all responses will be October 30.  Our Search Team will use the feedback from the Congregation to help develop the description of what we are looking for in a new Senior Pastor that will go out to potential applicants.

Our desire is that you will be involved in every step of this process by praying and participating in the determination of what God wants us to do.  This Sunday night, October 16, will be a Family Meeting where we will spend time explaining the pastor search process.  After this, our plan is to have monthly meetings so that regular updates will be communicated and you can better be encouraged to pray specifically for the things happening in our church.   There will be a link on our website for “Frequently Asked Questions”, a prayer guide, and a place to look for updates.  If, at any time, you have some comment or question and you do not know where to go, feel free to contact me directly and I’ll make sure you get an answer.

We trust that God has a great future for us in the midst of this change and in the result of our search.  God is faithful and we are confident in His leading.

Grace and peace

Pastor Ray