We are a Southern Baptist Conservative affiliated church.  We generally adhere to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message at FBCW, our core values are:

•The Bible - We read, teach and obey God’s Word in its entirety
•Spiritual Transformation - We invite God to continually transform us
•Courage and Sacrifice - We live courageously for Christ
•Community - We honor God by building personal connections to give and receive love, support and accountability in a spirit of unity
•Family - We encourage and strengthen families
•Prayer – We embrace prayer for expressing praise, confessing sin, lifting up the needs of others, and allowing God to change us.
•Intentional Discipleship – We fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples who make disciples

Our Mission

We believe that the reason God has established First Baptist Church of Woodbridge is to make disciples who make disciples. We accomplish this by moving along the 4D discipleship pathway – Discover, Deepen, Do and Disciple. This video describes our 4D discipleship pathway.